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Demand For Rental Homes in San Antonio Rising

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Are you selling your home right now or are you in the process of looking for a rental property to lease?  If so, you may want to keep reading! Many economist suggest that homeownership demand is currently down and conversely the rental market is on the rise. What does this mean if you are currently selling your home? The experts suggest that the availability of financing (or lack thereof) is causing many homeowners to hold off on their purchases. Couple this with investors sliding in to sweep up the “good deals” and your home, which is reasonably priced, may sit on the market for longer than expected. If you are looking to lease a property you may find that properties are being leased before you have the time to finish your search.  If you would like more information about current market conditions and how they may be affecting your sale or purchase feel free to call or email.  I will be happy to discuss these topics with you in more detail.